HC ROI for Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011

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HC ROI for Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011

HC ROI, Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011

HC ROI, Bolyarka VT, 2007-2011

Something is definitely true in this company’s logo: A jewel in the crown.

Bolyarka has the lowest sales revenues from all four companies discussed here. Remarkably, however, despite the drop, Bolyarka has its profit steadily on the rise (not shown on chart). The decrease in revenues results in decrease in expenses, but with personnel costs and headcount remaining stable, a steadily growing HC ROI is observed.

Obviously, Bolyarka’s managers are quite good in making the best possible use of their workforce’s capacity, thus showing the most stable uptrend in profit and HC ROI. It should be noted that of all four companies, Bolyarka has the lowest average remuneration costs per employee. In my view, this is the result of the status quo on the regional labor market and the workforce structure. I will certainly continue to keep track of the company’s development.

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